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Decarbonising Leading Industries and Utilities across Africa

Aqua Power develops, builds, owns and operates innovative energy projects for leading industries and utilities across Sub Saharan Africa. Our key focus areas are Baseload Renewable Energy (e.g. Geothermal, Biomass and Hydro), Gas Fuel Transition (e.g. Gas to Power and Small Scale LNG) and Power to X (e.g. Green Hydrogen from Geothermal Power).

The uniqueness of Aqua Power is our ability to deliver projects ranging from emergency/pilot projects with an immediate delivery requirement in the short term to large scale projects for the long term.


Our Company has a wide presence across Sub-Saharan Africa working in partnership with local actors (for supply of fuel and local content) and world class technical partners.

Aqua Power’s team of highly experienced engineers focus on providing solutions for least cost and reliable energy and energy derivatives that is both fast to implement and sustainable.

Expert Engineers

Aqua Power’s team has extensive experience developing, building and operating projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Technical Partners

Aqua Power’s technical partners include Solar Turbines, Caterpillar, KAPSOM etc being the leading companies developing energy and industrial technology globally.

Industry Leaders

Aqua Power’s clients and off-takers include Dangote, AngloGold Ashanti, KenGen etc ranking amongst the largest companies in Africa.

Aqua Power operates across Sub Saharan Africa, with an established presence in Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria  and São Tomé and Príncipe Islands. Aqua Power was established in 2016, with a Group Head Office in Mauritius and operating subsidiaries across the African continent focused on energy and energy derivative projects.


Aqua Power works with World Class Technical Partners (eg. Solar Turbines, Caterpillar, KAPSOM) and serves the Leading African Companies (eg. Dangote, AngloGold Ashanti, KenGen) on their energy and innovation needs to decarbonise Africa, whilst providing solutions that guarantee reliable and least cost energy to industrialise Africa boosting GDP Growth, Job Creation and Exports.

Aqua Power works across the entire project spectrum from developing, building, owing and operating energy and energy related infrastructure assets delivering on the needs of our clients in record time. Our off-takers and project stakeholders include governments, state owned companies, private firms and listed entities whereby Aqua Power engages all key stakeholders to deliver innovative energy projects that have a high impact on our clients bottom line and decarbonisation targets. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute and scale up in record time.

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Aqua Power’s Advantages

Plant Relocations

Relocating new but unused (zero hour) power plants from major international companies (e.g. Veolia) operating in developed markets to Africa making installation costs much more affordable whilst ensuring reliability.

Strong Off-Takers

Working with the leading industrial companies (e.g. Dangote, AngloGold Ashanti) and energy utilities (e.g. Kenya Power & Lighting Company, Geothermal Development Corporation, KenGen) to provide win-win energy off-take solutions.

Focus on Base Load

Focus on non-intermittent renewable energy technologies (e.g. Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro) that ensure least cost and reliable energy to power mission critical projects that operate 24/7 and are the backbone of our clients operations. Providing reliable and affordable base load power guarantees high capacity utilisation and lower project risks with over 95% availability/dispatch.

Speed of Execution

Proven ability to fast track project delivery both in terms of security licensing/approvals and project execution. Aqua Power focuses on rapid deployment building energy and energy related infrastructure from start to finish in record time (e.g, 45MW Mtwara Modular Gas to Power Plant built in 7 months).

ESG Principles

Aqua Power’s projects have a strong positive and immediate environmental footprint working tirelessly to provide decarbonisation solutions whilst maintaining affordability and reliability. For example, our energy projects have replaced diesel with cleaner natural gas reducing both the cost and carbon footprint for our clients. Our baseload renewable energy projects (Geothermal, Biomass and Hydro) likewise provide a solution for decarbonisation in addition to being least cost.

Technical Partnerships

Aqua Power develops strong working relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) providing leading technology solutions in the energy sector who are best in class. For example, Aqua Power was the first to deploy Solar Turbines Titan 130 Gas Turbine Generators (GTGs) in Tanzania; we are working to install the first ever Small Scale LNG Plant in Ghana and are the first mover in bringing KAPSOM Green Hydrogen Technology to Africa.

Geographical Presence

Strong footprint across Sub Saharan Africa with operations and active projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe. Aqua Power has a deep knowledge of Africa working towards providing the leading companies on the continent with energy solutions that secure Africa’s future growing GDP, Jobs and Exports.


Aqua Power’s team has extensive and cross functional experience in engineering, legal, financial, operational, environmental and industrial know how. The team works closely together across our offices in Africa as well as engaging our key project stakeholders (off-takers, suppliers, regulators, OEM partners etc) to effectively develop, build, own and operate energy projects across Sub Saharan Africa.

Our Team


Gachao Kiuna

Executive Director

  • 15 years experience as CEO of Power & Infrastructure Companies

  • Management Consulting Experience (McKinsey & Company)

  • PhD Biotechnology, BSc Biochemistry

  • Former Board Member of Kenya Investment Authority

  • Advisor to Government on Kenya Vision 2030


Ngugi Kiuna

Director, Investment

  • 17 years experience in Investment Banking

  • Experience in mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets, equity capital markets, liability management, origination, negotiation, pricing and execution of financial transactions

  • PhD Chemical Engineering, MEng Chemical Engineering


Hemendra Raithatha

Chief Technical Officer

  • 30+ years experience in industry (technical & operations)

  • Deep expertise in Cement Industry (Dangote Cement, Kuwait Cement, Gujarat Ambuja Cement)

  • Execution of large capital projects


Gabriel Mavale

Regional Manager

  • More than 15  Years Commercial experience

  • Experience in business development & entrepreneurship

  • Chairman Mozambique European Business Alliance (MOEBA)


Thierry Adolphe

Non-Executive Director

  • Chartered Secretary and experienced board member

  • MBA International Business

  • 30 years of financial, administrative and project development experience

  • Executive management experience within strategy, finance, business development and communication


Morten Pedersen

Chief Commercial Officer

  • 20+ years experience in private equity, venture capital and real asset investments

  • Experience in business development, large capital raisings, and all stages of the investment process

  • 15 years’ experience working in Africa and Middle East

  • Master of Science in Finance 


Michael Wachira

Chief Financial Officer

  • 30+ years experience in Audit and Financial Management including CFO for leading engineering and consumer goods companies

  • Practicing and registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA-K)

  • Bcom, Management Science


Phili Fundu Fundu

Regional Manager

  • Civil and Electromechanical Engineer

  • More than 20 years Commercial Experience

  • Formerly Country Manager for Schneider Electric

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