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Empowering Sustainable Energy

At Aqua Power, we specialize in delivering sustainable energy solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Sub-Saharan Africa. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes:

Gas Fuel Transition

Harnessing the power of natural gas, our gas-fired power plants and Small-Scale LNG Plants provide a reliable and efficient source of electricity and fuel. With a focus on clean energy production, these plants contribute to reducing emissions while ensuring a steady supply of electricity and fuel to our clients.

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Base-Load Renewable Energy

Aqua Power develops and operates geothermal, biomass and hydro electric power plants. By tapping into these renewable sources, we harness a constant and reliable source of energy, minimising environmental impact and promoting energy independence.


An important part of the energy transition is to decarbonize heavy industries using large volumes of fossil-fuel. Aqua Power develops GREEN hydrogen/ammonia, methanol and fertilizer projects for leading industrial and utility clients in Africa.

Key Features of Aqua Power Solutions


Our solutions are engineered for reliability, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted power supply to meet the demands of our clients.


Committed to environmental stewardship, we prioritise sustainability in all our projects, minimizing carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy sources.


Aqua Power's solutions are designed for optimal efficiency, maximizing energy output while minimizing resource consumption and operating costs.


We collaborate closely with local stakeholders, technical partners, and communities to ensure the successful implementation and operation of our projects, fostering long-term partnerships and mutual growth.

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