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Strategic Project Pipeline Across Africa


Aqua Power continues to develop unique projects across Sub Saharan Africa ranging from those with an immediate delivery potential in the short term to large scale projects for the long term. Our key strategic themes centre around Green Energy, Green Mobility and Green Industry supporting our clients to find innovative ways to reduce costs and lower emissions. Aqua Power recognises that well thought through energy projects have a significant impact on both our clients and the countries in which we undertake our projects contributing enormously towards the economic development of these countries. As such, Aqua Power always remains mindful of maximising the economic development impact of our projects in particular working towards engaging all stakeholders to maximise job creation, driving exports and boosting both Domestic Direct Investment (DDI) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Aqua Power works across the entire project lifecycle developing, building, owning and operating projects with an ongoing pipeline of projects in Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe Islands. Aqua Power’s team has over 30 years’ experience in providing technical solutions for our energy and industrial clients ranging from introducing new technologies together with World Class partners to providing unique engineering solutions. Aqua Power project pipeline is pioneering the development of new Green Fuels (LNG & Green Methanol) to support sustainable mining and mobility; exploiting the use of off-peak geothermal power to produce Green Hydrogen, Ammonia and Fertiliser to avoid venting of valuable steam and driving the development of new green metal industry (steel & aluminium) plants in Africa.

Execution, execution, execution. Aqua Power’s project development track record is exemplary in delivering complex projects often in remote locations on time and with limited resources to attain Commercial Operations Dates (CODs) on time and budget. In attaining COD, Aqua Power is always cognisant of the criticality of reliable Operations & Maintenance (O&M). Aqua Power uses best in class technology & equipment; caters for redundancy in all engineering solutions to minimise risks of downtime and deploys modern Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems allowing for highly reliable operations that can be carefully monitored on-site and remotely with expert teams on ground and on call coupled together with carefully planned preventative and scheduled maintenance programs.  


Mauritius , Kenya , Tanzania , Mozambique , Ghana , Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe Islands

Projects Areas

Gas Fuel Transition, Baseload Renewable Energy, Power-to-X

Project Sequencing

Horizon 1 (2024-2025), Horizon 2 (2026-2027), Horizon 3 (2028-2030)

No of Projects


Strategic Themes

Green Energy, Green Mobility, Green Industry


Reduce Cost ($), lower emissions, create jobs, increase exports, attract investment

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