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Our Projects

On-going projects across Sub-Saharan Africa 

  • Development of 35MW Geothermal Power Plant using steam from the Rift Valley Basin 

  • Development of Geothermal wellheads for rapid delivery of Power from capped wells 

  • Developent of 500MW of hydro-electric Power to support base load power needs of National Grid

  • Development of Micro-Grids to support rural electrification programs 

  • Development of a 70MW Gas fired Power Plant through conversion of existing brown-filed site from diesel to natural gas operations 

  • Development of 50MW Gas-Condensate fired Power plant through conversion of existing brown-filed site from diesel to natural gas operations 

  • Development of Greenfield Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • Development of Micro-Grids to support rural electrification programs

  • Exploration for Geothermal Power  

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Development of 50MW Gas to Power Power Plant for captive power for industrial users

  • Development of 20MW of Land Fill Gas (LFG) Power plant using methane gas from Kinshasa Land Fill Site

  • Development of 100MW of Methane Gas fired Power Plant harnessing methane from Lake Kivu

  • Refurbishment of extsing Hydro-electric Power plant for captive power for mining application

  • Development of 50MW Methane Gas fired Power Plant on Lake Kivu to support baseload Power needs of National utility  

  • Development of localised Micro-Grid system as a chaeper alternative to rural electricifcation programs

  • Development of 25MW Coal Fired Power Plant 

  • Development of 430MW Brownfield Natural Gas fired Power Plant in Nigeria to support base load power needs of the national grid 

AQUA POWER - Refurbishment and Conversion of Central Térmica Maputo (“CTM”) to Natural Gas Operations
Aqua Power Limited
Maputo, Mozambique
August 2016
March 2017
6 months
EPC, Financing plus Operations & Maintenance

Project Overview

  • Modernising and restoring the full operations of all three units of the CTM power plant in Maputo, conversion to natural gas and adding heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) for combined cycle operations to minimise cost of power generation and maximise efficiency


  • The impact of converting all turbines at the CTM power plant from burning expensive diesel oil/Jet A1 fuel to full time operations on natural gas drastically reduces the running costs of CTM and effectively transforms it from a back-up/peaking power plant to a base load power plant able to support the growing electric power needs in Maputo, across Mozambique and throughout the SADC region.

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